Your active INSPO from Brooklyn fashion blogger Urban Fit Girl

Posted on 14th August 2016
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We recently teamed up with Brooklyn fashion blogger Judy DeWolf to see how she would style our latest collection and we LOVE it! 

Judy is Co-Founder of fitness and fashion blog, Urban Fit Girl and based in New York City. A fitness model and a national level NPC bikini athlete, her “love and hate” relationship with the bodybuilding industry pushed her towards a more balanced lifestyle of fitness and healthy living. She is the epitome of a strong, fit and independent Bordoni Sport girl, with a medical background in rectifying clients muscular imbalances to promote better posture, enhance athletic performance and prevent sports injuries. We think she looks pretty damn fantastic in our latest collection and we hope you like the images! You can shop her looks Read More →

Bordoni Sport - We are proud to be 100% BRITISH MADE!

Posted on 25th August 2012
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The Olympics may be over and the Paralympics around the corner but have you thought about other ways you support "Team GB" in your every day life?

When you purchase a new pair of shoes or clothing do you check the tag inside to see where it was made or do you simply buy it because it looks good and fits well? As more and more big brands outsource their production to the far east (quite often to the detrement of quality)  it is getting harder to find and support independant, locally manufactured brands. 

I am seriously fussy when I shop for clothing - always checking where things are made before I buy them and sometimes refusing to buy something simply because of where it was made. I am against sweatshops and bad... Read More →

Olympic Inspiration

Posted on 23rd July 2012
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The Olympics are in full swing and I was lucky enough yesterday to experience not 1 but 2 of the Qualification rounds of the mens Gymnastics. As a former gymnast I must say I was a little overwhelmed with excitement at the prospect of not only living in an Olympic host city but actually being able to watch my chosen sport live in a stadium filled with fans. It was this excitement and love of sports that inspired the recent photoshoot for Bordoni Sport, in preparation for the launch of this new website.

We shot brand images for both the Elite and the Classic collections in one day and I really don't think we could have found a better back drop than the Lee Valley Athletics Stadium, nor a better photographer than Gabrielle de Martino, an Italian fashion... Read More →