Bordoni Sport - We are proud to be 100% BRITISH MADE!

Posted on 25th August 2012
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The Olympics may be over and the Paralympics around the corner but have you thought about other ways you support "Team GB" in your every day life?

When you purchase a new pair of shoes or clothing do you check the tag inside to see where it was made or do you simply buy it because it looks good and fits well? As more and more big brands outsource their production to the far east (quite often to the detrement of quality)  it is getting harder to find and support independant, locally manufactured brands. 

I am seriously fussy when I shop for clothing - always checking where things are made before I buy them and sometimes refusing to buy something simply because of where it was made. I am against sweatshops and bad working conditions. I am all for local production and supporting the local business economy - hence why I am adament that my brand is made in a factory I have been to and is located in the United Kingdom.

There are very few manufacturers left in the UK, certainly far fewer since 2006 when Bordoni Sport was launched, however I am really proud of the fact that my brand is 100% BRITISH MADE and I have every intention of keeping it that way. All of my Bordoni handbags are made locally in London and I visit the factory every few weeks. The factory that makes Bordoni Sport clothing is based in the south of the UK and is 100% female owned and managed. Every garment is cut by Phyllis and meticulously stiched together by Sue. Marlene oversees the factory and Jos does the accounts. They consistently do a brilliant job and help me to bring my creations to life every season. I visit the factory when I can and next time I go hopefully they agree to a few cheeky photos as I would really like you to be able to see the faces behind the clothing.

So, with that in mind, I urge you to really think about your next clothing purchase. Buy BRITISH MADE and support your local economy not some sweatshop in a foreign country.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today and please share it with your friends.

Patricia x